Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Where To Begin...?

Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought that I would ever be writing a blog - least of all about myself, traveling and doing internships and being all up in the United Kingdom's business for two -and-a-half months. But I was definitely inspired by one of my good high school friends, Daiva (that crazy Lithuanian woman) and her friends Rachel and Julia, along with my old childhood friend Claire. They all got to travel to incredible places over the globe the last year, and all decided to blog about it. And as I obsessively followed all of their posts and practically drooled envy all over the place about their epic adventures in Spain, Scotland, South Africa and Italy, I realized that... one of the best possible ways to highlight this particular adventure in my life would be to actually write about it and preserve these memories while they're fresh, new and exciting. I mean, that's what blogs are for, right? For writing down experiences and feelings? And seeing as computers are the new "diaries"...

Long story short, if you know me, I'd like to say to you the following, good sir: "Hello friend, and thanks for reading!" :D If you don't know me, my name is Katie (or "Mac"), and I'm from Boulder County, Colorado, U.S.A. I'm a junior/senior-esque (notreallysurewhatIamanymore) student at the University of Colorado at Boulder studying Film Studies/Production, with minors in History and Business Administration. Also, good sir: "Nice to meet you, and thanks for reading!" I'm just your typical girl, who loves movies, loves to act and sing, loves to watch sports, and absolutely loves loves LOVES to travel (i.e. I randomly went to Poland for New Years this past year. Yes. Poland. Bite me.). My goal is to hit every continent and see as many sights as I can see before I die, so that my "Places" tab on FaceBook is literally covered in red dots. Weird goal, I know - but it's not a bad place to start on a pretty long bucket list. :)

So, about this "London" thing... Last November, I applied to this internship placement company based out of Washington D.C. called DreamCareers, hoping to get a film internship... and in February, I was actually blessed (and damn lucky) to get one with a London, UK-based company called Irresistible Films (check out their website - they're incredible!). So, from early-June to mid-August, this mountain-lovin' sunshine-spoiled Coloradan will be living and working in rainy-city, UK - London, England. I could have applied to the programs in New York City, or Hong Kong, or any number of epic places, but I decided to apply for the London program (or "programme"...?). Maybe it's because I have awesome friends in or around London - including one of my best friends in the entire world (Kibbles-n'-Bits). Maybe it's because everyone there actually speaks English (I'm a bilingual fail). Maybe it's because London has an incredible film culture (and BBC's Sherlock is filmed there and, let's be honest here, I'm going to shake Martin Freeman's hand if it kills me). But, quite honestly, London... feels right. It's someplace that I've always dreamed of, ever since Harry Potter came along and taught me what magic was. Really, in my mind, there never were any other options. I saw "London" - and it was a go.

In addition to all of these epic internship and film experiences that I get to have in the heart of one of the coolest cities ever created, DreamCareers has set me up with an epic flat, an awesome roommate, a free OysterCard, and they have planned a ton of incredible adventures for all of us to partake in - including, but not limited to, a weekend trip to Paris, an adventure to Stonehedge and a boat party on the Thames River. Needless to say... I'm one lucky bitch.

Right now, though, I'm in Antrim, Northern Ireland - only a fifteen minute drive away from Belfast. I'm staying with some relatives (the family of my grandmother's sister), the Mitchells. I'll update you guys on everything that I do over here as soon as I get my shiznit together. I'm going to go and see Belfast tomorrow (hopefully) to visit my cousin, Karly and I'll also be going up to Londonderry soon to visit my Grandma Edie's grave (and maybe see "Free Derry," if it's safe - yes, we ask ourselves these questions while in Northern Ireland). But, right now, I need to go to bed - I'm still jetlagged and should be getting used to the time difference, but Scott gave me the first season of "The Walking Dead," and I literally can't stop watching. Damn you, Scott!

So... that's... really it for right now. :) Thanks for reading, if you got past all of my rambling to the end of this post! I hope you continue reading, and that you're at least entertained by my crazy (possibly insane) adventure abroad!


P.S. Why "London Calling," you may ask? Google The Clash and educate yourself, my friend.


  1. i'm so excited you're writing this blog!! you're already a fantastic writer and i can't wait to hear about all that you're going to do in london!! good luck with your internship and have fun love!!! <3

    1. <3 Thanks so much, Daiva - you inspired me! <3 LOVE YOU, GIRLY!