Saturday, May 31, 2014

London Returning, Summer 2014

PSYCH. Though you'd got rid of me, eh? EH? Well, THINK AGAIN.

Ignore the cheesy title. But, yes, I'm back.


Back in black.

Not really back in black, more like greys and muted tones.

Nothing having to do with happy, vibrant colours, because Britain just doesn't do that kind of thing.

Depressing sods.

To make a, frankly, short story even shorter (and I say this, taking into consideration the fact that I'm a rambler, and I can make even the shortest most boring story into a saga that could give The Odyssey a run for its money), I got a job this summer. Not an internship like last summer, but an actual pseudo-job that required contracts and employment forms. No visas, thanks to my nifty Irish passport - but yes, a job. With none other than the incredible, the indescribable and the fantastic DreamCareers. So, you know how they're an internship placement company based out of Washington D.C.? Well, last summer I was placed with Irresistible Films because of them. And, obviously, it was an incredible experience because I just ended up applying for a staff position for them, and I was - fantastically, freakishly - given an offer! So, pretty much, I'm going to spend this summer living in London, England, again. But this time, I'll be working with DreamCareers on marketing the program, assisting interns, creating awesome videos and slideshows for the interns, setting up cool events outside of their internships, and generally just doing my best to be a helping hand as they navigate their internships, London, and possibly the rest of their lives.

Additionally, in my free time, I'm going to be working with a bunch of cool, awesome people, meeting up (hopefully, if job / time permits) with my lovely British friends, and possibly seeing the one and the only Martin Freeman perform in Richard III on the West End this summer.

(Yes, that's right. I'm finally going to meet Martin Freeman. I'm serious this time, you guys. Like, for real.)

This summer is also a chance for me to get ready for the next big chapter of my life, which starts this upcoming September. I'm thrilled to say that I've been accepted into the M.F.A. in Acting at the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University in New York City! It wasn't my first choice - the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art tragically (predictably) rejected me - but this is one of the best acting institutions in the entire world, and I'm thrilled and honoured to be able to attend such a prestigious institution with such a long history of integrity and artistic vigour - AND, I get to attend it with a group of incredibly talented and vivacious individuals.

And, I mean, if you think about it, spending last summer in London was the main reason why I decided to pursue further education in theatre and acting. So, in a way, you could say that London is the reason that I'm going to New York City in August.

Short story shorter - I'm one lucky bitch. A really lucky bitch.

I don't have a lot of time to get going with this blog post, to be honest - I'm currently sitting in my terminal, waiting to board my flight headed to London, Heathrow after an eight hour layover in Calgary, Canada. And I'm in Calgary, Canada because that was literally the cheapest way to get to London after I epically procrastinated on getting the tickets together. But, Canada's pretty awesome, so this entire experience has been pretty awesome so far. :)

I'll be throwing up a post about Canada soon, so no worries - and I'll be putting up the post about Edinburgh, Scotland from last summer, too! I never actually got around to finishing it up, due to many and varied reasons. But it'll be posted soon, I swear to you. I SWEAR TO YOU.

So... here it goes again. The great (second) adventure. Finding 221B again, perhaps - or perhaps something more... we'll see! Either way, I'm incredibly thrilled to be headed back to one of my favorite cities - if not my favorite city - in the entire world.

So, cheers, y'all. Let's cause some damage! :)

Katie Mac

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